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Italy is famous for the great Italian food, lovely Mediterranean weather, historical monuments, automobile giants and a popular study abroad destination with some of the world’s oldest and great universities. As you complete your higher education from Italy the whole European Union welcomes you with opportunities and a great future.

French Higher Education System

Italy has a 3-cycle education system consisting of the following:

First Cycle: Bachelor degrees (3 years) and single-cycle degrees
Second Cycle: Master degrees (2 years) and 1st level vocational masters
Third Cycle: Doctorate (5-6 years) specialization school and 2nd Level vocational masters

Italy has around 89 universities that are classified under following groups:

  • 58 state universities
  • 517 non-state universities – legally recognized by the state
  • 52 universities for foreigners – specialized in teaching/ research for development of Italian language, literature, culture
  • 56 higher education schools – specialized in postgraduate university studies
  • 56 telematic universities

Entry criterion

  • Application form, photo, CV and SOP
  • 2 Letter of Recommendations, High School Certificate or Diploma
  • Copy of passport
  • Application fees (paid online)
  • TOEFL - 550 ITP, 213 CBT, 80 IBT or IELTS 6.0

Admission Intakes

  • Public Universities - September(deadline for application: End of December)
  • Private Universities - (deadline for application: Jan intake - September)
    July Intake (deadline for application: March)

Education Cost

Tuition fee (approx.)

  • Public Universities – €850 – €1200 per year
  • Private Universities – €5000 – €10000 (private university) per year

Living Expenses (approx.)

  • Average monthly budget - €300-500
  • First month budget - €500-900

Application System

  • Application form received
  • Admissions' committee deliberation
  • Acceptance of order
  • Deposit payment & financial support
  • Enrolment confirmation certificate
  • Visa application

Scholarships & other Assistance

Most of the Universities are funded by Italy Government so the tuition fees are always very low. The same time all international students are entitled to the same student assistance services as Italian students, including scholarships, dining hall services and housing.

Every University has a Tutor Office where students can contact for scholarships and student assistance services. Scholarships based on financial backgrounds of the students and/or merit. Apart from scholarships international students can also avail student loans, housing assistance, refectory meal tickets and fee waivers.

Adept is the best place to help you for your education in Italy. In its 14 long years of existence Adept has helped hundreds of students acquiring degrees from top notch universities from the world. We understand the requirements of French universities more than anybody in the industry. From Admission to Visa and post landing assistance, Adept provides all kind of assistance to you.

Italy is home to some of the oldest running universities of the world. 27 universities have their places in World’s top 400 universities today. Expect top notch infrastructure, and facilities for research and innovations during your studies. After studies, including Italy you can work in the entire European Union.

Be part of Italy’s highly developed economy

Italy ranks among the 8 most industrialized countries in the world. Italy is known for biggest brands of automobile giants like Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and Maserati. Italy is home to world’s biggest fashion brands like Versace, Diesel and Giorgio Armani. Italy is the biggest wine producer of the world. Apart from big companies Italy has also developed a huge network of small and medium sized enterprises which are working in IT, medicine, biology, physics and even space science.

Italy - traditionally famous for education & research

Italy has produced 20 Nobel Prize laureates since 1906 that proves the world recognition of the achievements of Italian scientists, physicians, chemists, literature men and economists who excelled in different spheres, including medicine, chemistry, literature and economics.

Italy a great destination for International students because of high quality of education, great lifestyle and the Italian hospitality that is famous all across the globe.

Italy - biggest attraction among all tourists

Italy is 5th most visitied country in the world. Every year millions of tourists visit Italy to see the historical wonders like the Colosseum , the leaning tower of Pisa, the Vatican City, floating city Venice and the City of Rome that is famous for antique architecture, extravagant Roman Catholic churches etc. Italian hospitality, lifestyle and Italian foods with great taste using unique herbs and spices are famous worldwide.

Italy India Relationship

India and Italy has extra ordinary relations that date back to ancient times. Since then in every generation these two great countries have made continuous efforts to build their relations friendly, and of mutual trust. India maintains an Embassy in Rome, and a Consulate-General in Milan. Italy has an embassy in New Delhi, and Consulate-Generals in Mumbai and Kolkata.

More reasons why you should study in Italy

  • Italian universities charge very minimal tuition fee from international students and offer most of the graduation and post-graduation programs taught in English.
  • Indian students get maximum scholarships from Italian universities than any other countries in the world.
  • Depending upon academic merits, Italian universities not only offer fee waivers they also offer free housing at student residence, meal tickets and even additional money for your living expenses.
  • Italian universities have strong relationship with industry and the programs are designed in collaboration with companies operating in the same sector.
  • There is no better place for International students in entire Europe than in Italy. Italian universities offers excellent career support like searching for part time jobs, internships and even employment.
  • Non-European citizens can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week, until their residence permit expires.
  • Italian Universities provides active career service support that gives student the chance to meet company recruiters and to attend job fairs in which hundreds of companies participate.
  • IELTS/TOEFL is not compulsory by all universities.
  • Almost every applicant succeeds in getting visa provided that the submitted documents are authentic.

Relatively easy student visas

Student visa for Italy is relatively easier than US and UK.


Adept Overseas has helped 100s of students for education and visa in countries including France. Make a call to our counselor for Italy at 9000511144, 9010811144. You may click here to submit your details also. We will call you to know from you and provide perfect guidance, of course FREE OF COST.

Admissions Process for Italy Universities

Step 1 – Knowing about you

Fill your details in our student enquiry form Details include your academic qualifications, IELTS score, work experience (if any), financial status, career goals, life interests and aspirations. This helps us to know you and your actual requirement.

Step 2 - University & Program Selection

Shortlisting 3-4 universities and course that match your profile and requirement.

Step 3 – Documents for admission

We ensure that your documents including mark sheets, essays, statement of purpose, recommendation letters, and resume are ready to sending to the universities.

Step 4 - Application submission

We guide you in filling the University application form carefully without any mistakes. Now we send the application form and documents to the chosen universities. There is a non-refundable application fee for admission for universities.

Documents for Admission

  • Photographs (5 nos.) - write name and date of birth on the back of the photos.
  • Passport copy of pages where date of birth and appears appear
  • Academic certificates (10th, 12th and Degrees) duly signed and attested by public notary
  • Transcripts and consolidated mark sheet copies
  • 2 letters of recommendation from professors of the recently attended college/university or from employer in case working in a company
  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS / TOEFL)
  • Statement of purpose - an essay about your career goals and why you choose the particular university in Italy for your higher education
  • Work experience, if working as an employee or internship
  • A Curriculum vitae including details of academic history and additional achievements if any

Step 5 – Receiving offer letter

You may receive an admission offer letter from the universities within 8-10 weeks of application submission. It can be as quick as even 1-2 weeks if its a private university and accepts online applications.

The offer letter asks you to pay the first term/year tuition fee to the university. Then you get a confirmation letter of your admission. You can apply for visa with this admission confirmation letter.

Getting Italian Student Visa

You need to apply for a Student Visa so you can stay in Italy to study in a recognized university or college and do part time works. Your student visa in an entry visa and a you will need to obtain a “permit to stay” after arriving in Italy.

Student Visa Documents:

  • An admission confirmation letter from the Italian university for the course you have applied
  • A valid passport with at least two blank visa pages
  • Completed and signed visa application form
  • Proof of your financial ability so as to support yourself financially during your entire period of study in Italy
  • Copy of your flight itinerary including details of return tickets to your home country as one-way tickets are unacceptable
  • Latest statement of your financial situation from your bank, duly signed by a bank official
  • A proof of having obtained valid health and medical insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay in Italy
  • You must not have a criminal record

Steps to follow to apply for Italy student visa:

  • Carefully fill out the details required in the visa application form (download the form from the internet)
  • Gather the required documents for student visa application
  • Keep all the academic documents alongside financial documents, passport etc. for submitting at Italian Embassy or consulate office.
  • Make sure that you provide your recent color photograph for the student visa application. Ensure that the photo was not taken later than 6 months.
  • Request an appointment with the visa application centre so you can submit your application form.
  • Submit your visa application form along with the required documents and application fees at the Italian Consulate. Remember to carry the original copies of all supporting documents. Once you submit your application form with the visa application fee, they will issue an acknowledgement receipt of your visa application submission.
  • You can keep track of the progress of your student visa application through online tracking, messaging service, phone call to the application centre or through email.
  • You may request the visa office deliver your visa at your doorstep through courier service or you can personally collect your student visa directly from the Italian Embassy by showing the original acknowledgement receipt issued to you.
  • Application fees for Italy student visa – EUR 116
  • The conversion into Indian currency is based on current conversion rates
  • The visa application fee is subject to change at any time
  • In some very rare cases there can be a visa interview, be ready for that

At Adept we provide all kind of guidance so you can arrange the right documents required to apply for your student visa.To know more about Visa requirements and preparation meet our visa expert for France at our office or just call at: 9000511144, 9010811144


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